The International Doctoral Programme in Bioproducts Technology PaPSaT

About the programme

The International Doctoral Programme in Bioproducts Technology, PaPSaT, is a four-year full-time doctoral programl in Finland. Seven Finnish member universities offer doctoral courses, research and supervision leading to a Doctor of Science in Technology, or Doctor of Philoso phy (PhD) degree.

Successful PaPSaT candidates will carry out research projects of high relevance to the forest products industry. The range of possible research topics is broad, covering the value chain from forest raw materials to end product applications. Many of the earlier PaPSaT students have carried out research projects of relevance to the pulp and paper industry and have pursued careers in this sector.

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PaPSaT offers talented students an excellent opportunity to purse an advanced degree at one of the leading Finnish Universities carrying out relevant work for this sector. The program offers students a wide range of courses at member universities. In addition, courses in Sweden are open to PaPSaT students via a collaboration with the sister organization FPIRC.

In addition to supporting salary costs of doctoral students, PaPSaT also supports conference and course fees and strives to make the doctoral experience as rewarding and successful as possible.

Earlier PaPSaT students have pursued careers that range very broadly from e.g. professor to research director. Many earlier students have reported a very positive experience from their PaPSaT years.

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