The International Doctoral Programme in Bioproducts Technology PaPSaT


PaPSaT members include both grant-receiving and externally funded students.

Along with the membership the doctoral student is entitled to

  • join the e-mailing list and be informed of activities organized by the program
  • participate free to PaPSaT courses
  • get refund of the travelling costs to attend PaPSaT courses (to the extent that the annual budget allows)
  • apply for refund of the travelling costs to present scientific papers in international conferences (and FPIRC courses in Sweden) (to the extent that the annual budget allows)

The student is in turn obliged to

  • participate in the Annual Seminar and submit an article annually for the Yearbook published during the Seminar
  • report to the PaPSaT Board of Management on the progress of the doctoral studies (annual review process)
  • reasonable response to the coordinator’s requests for information

Non-active students will lose course and scholarship benefits. Students are expected to graduate in 4 years. The maximum membership period is 6 years.

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